Games we’re watching

A ‘W’-laden promise:

As the season progresses, we’ll strive to keep you updated with who we’re watching, when we’re watching them, and ultimately, whether and why what we watched was interesting or not! We’ll be posting regular ‘reflections’ on all games we watch, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Latest games we’re watching:

Week 15th-22nd October 2014:

Saturday 18th: Both watching Man City vs. Tottenham; both watching Match of the Day; Oliver watching Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea

Tuesday 21st: Both watching Bayern vs. Roma in the Champions League group stage

Week 8th-14th August 2014:

Ligue 1:


Stade Reims vs Paris Saint Germain


Bastia vs Marseilles

We’ll try to bring you some insightful comment on these games,  though unfortunately we can’t make any promises until the beginning of the podcast from the 3rd week of September.

The Saturday game is particularly appealing, with Makelele making his managerial debut against Marseilles,  who themselves have a new manager,  the profoundly interesting Marcelo Bielsa.

The week after, and from then on, we’ll predominantly (although by no means entirely) be watching Premier League matches.


Manchester United vs Swansea


West Ham vsTottenham

AND (possibly)

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace


Newcastle vs Man City


Liverpool vs Southampton.


Burnley vs Chelsea

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