Within the next month or three,  we aim to bring you articles on the following topics:

  • Teleology and football – why 2014=1978, and why we are entering an era of footballing collectivism
  • A reassessment of the passer; creator; destroyer construct
  • The potential significance, for the country as a whole, of Brazil’s World Cup defeat to Germany
  • A critique of Jose Mourinho
  • To have or to (let) be – how accumulating young talent is detrimental, to the clubs who buy players, to those who are forced into selling them, and to the players themselves
  • Would Diego Simeone have succeeded at Chelsea?
  • An examination of the role of the manager. Tactician?  Strategist? Caretaker?
  • Reflections on all the big games
  • Steven Gerrard’s tendency towards self-destruction
  • The historical (and even the literary) significance of Holland’s World Cup thrashing of Spain
  • What shapes Mauricio Pochettino’s faith in youth, and what makes it so admirable
  • Many other topics, as yet unforeseen!

If there are any topics you want to see covered, feel free to post below.  For any suggestions on how to cover the above,  also feel free to post below. We’re open to writing on any topic relating to football – the more imaginative, the better. Get posting!

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